What Should I Write Next?

I’ve been doing a bad job lately, with this whole blog thing.

I’ve missed responding to a few comments. I’ve been inconsistent in my writing. I feel awful. How can I make it up to you? What can I do to bridge the gap and do something worth coming back for?

If you subscribe to my feed or follow me on twitter – thanks. If not, how can I convince you it’s worth your time and attention?

How about I write something just for you. Yes, you. Well, as long as you ask.

See, I have a bunch of dead drafts I’ve been pushing forward relentlessly in my Editorial Calendar plugin for the past two months, avoiding writing because I’m just not convinced this is the right place for them.

I’ve also got a few dozen ideas for posts elsewhere that I’m not ready to do the research for.

So let’s switch it up!

Get in touch with me – either leave a comment here, toss me a message on twitter, or send an email to blog@ianmrountree.com with your suggestion. Tell me whether you want some props for the idea when the post goes out.

What should I write about?