Giving People More – SEO for Bloggers Part 4

cold storage on FlickrSo we’ve let ourselves write something on purpose, and made it fit into the schedule. We know we’re going to write more, because we’ve got purpose and a schedule – but how can we make sure that people get it when it comes out? Letting people know you want them to Get More of This is one of the three primary calls to action a blogger can take advantage of.

As much as we can ask people to subscribe or bookmark our things – sometimes just making it easy for people to do so is enough.

Even given the paradox of choice problem, providing options for people to take advantage of is one of the best ways to facilitate the Get More of This call to action. Does your blog have an RSS icon or a “Subscribe Now” link of some kind? Is there a form, on every page, stating you offer email updates? Do people know you’re using a Facebook app like RSS Graffiti to drop your posts into your Facebook page automatically?

Just set out the choices – don’t worry about a best option, people will engage on the level at which they are most comfortable.

What about non-blog connections? If you’re one of those intensely busy news feed kinds of bloggers, posting upwards of ten to fifteen articles per day – have you considered having a Twitter account just for your article headlines?

What’s your Mix of More?

While we do need to allow people to pick their level of involvement, it has to stop somewhere. Two dozen Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and SoAndSoOn buttons on your blog posts are fairly likely to annoy people. Similarly – if you’re on Twitter, but not Reddit, does your Reddit button need to be as big as your Twitter button? Making these choices isn’t about eliminating an avenue of connection for your audience – instead, it can serve as an indicator of the best ways to interact with you.

Narrowing in on the four to seven (or so, at most) options that fit your habits and your own involvement on the web – and never, ever forget that RSS button among them – will help your audience to understand where you are, add to your sense of personality, and develop an immediate connection with anyone of similar involvement.

The sufficiently savvy will know, and have means by which to share your things wherever they want to. However, giving permission in simple, understandable cues can make a huge difference to people’s comfort level regarding involving themselves with your ongoing progress as a writer.

Creating your appropriate Mix of More is just as important as building the unique value proposal for your writing.

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