Oh, for the Love of Obscure Services!

We love to complicate things – we use services like Flickr’s Creative Commons search to fill our sites with awesome pictures, like laughing mantises or rock platforms.

Sometimes, it’s awesome to find the simple things; like Placekitten. Drop by and check them out – it’s handy to have tricks like this up your sleeve when you’re working on things like blog posts, and need something simple and fast. Like a kitten. Or, in the case of placehold.it, the service which PlaceKitten was inspired by, empty boxes like the one below.

placehold.it - 550px X 150px, instantly.

Is it subject-appropriate visual interest for a blog post? Not necessarily.Handy for tossing something together quickly, for example, when you need to preview a blog post or ebook for layout? You bet.

It’s little things like these that can help speed up your production time and reduce the hang-ups in mid-action that so often cause procrastination.

… And here’s another placekitten!

Stop procrastinating! Place a kitten, save a blog post!

[Hat tip to Chris Coyier at CSS Tricks for the unintentional new tool, via: “Faking ‘float: center’ with pseudo-elements.”]